Ocean Nutrition Betta Pellets

By | May 7, 2022

Ocean Nutrition Betta Pellets. Place the pellets gently on the water surface. Because the pellets float, they encourage bettas’ instinctive surface feeding behavior.

Ocean Nutrition Betta Food Pellets 75g eBay
Ocean Nutrition Betta Food Pellets 75g eBay from www.ebay.com

This ideal formula is just that. Designed by mr attison,the world’s leading authority on bettas. Our passion for aquatic pets has inspired us to produce foods that make fish feeding convenient and straightforward for the hobbyist.

Use Within 6 Months After Opening.

Betta pellets is a better description of this food. Ocean nutrition atisons betta pro fish food 15g pellet. This food is a totally new concept and cannot be compared with any existing pellet food.

Our Passion For Aquatic Pets Has Inspired Us To Produce Foods That Make Fish Feeding Convenient And Straightforward For The Hobbyist.

These pellets are very rich in carotene, which is great for enhancing the colors of your betta fish. Made using the freshest ingredients available, this premium betta food provides complete, balanced nutrition for enhanced color, health and activity. Extensive tests have proven this food to be ideal for the care of betta fish.

High Quality Floating Pellet Food Using The Freshest Ingredients Available.

Ocean nutrition betta pellets are high quality floating pellets for all bettas. Promotes the natural color of the fish. Its ingredients include a mixture of protein, fat and fiber as opposed to being pure dried krill or dried shrimp.

Place The Pellets Gently On The Water Surface.

Developed to produce the most nutrient complete food for betta species. Extensive tests have proven the atison's betta food to be ideal for the care of the betta fish and is also great for gouramis and paradisefish. Store in a cool and dry place.

2.64 Ounce (Pack Of 1) Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Food Is A High Quality Floating Pellet Food That Uses The Freshest Ingredients Available And Was Developed To Produce The Most Nutrient Complete Food For The Betta Species.

Perfect replacement of live food. Bettas love this food and prefer it to frozen or freeze dried foods. Ocean nutrition is recognized as the pioneer of formula diets and unique in its approach to provide the same formula feed in different forms:

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